Image Detail for Exhibition Card Am I Here?  Porcelain and Panel, 18 x 18L x 8W Am I Here? (back) Apollo's Dream, Hand built Porcelain,  16H x 6L x 6W Conniption, Hand built Porcelain, 5 H x 10L x 12W He Called Me Carla Mary, Slip cast, hand built porcelain, 8H x 5W x 3D Island Girl, Hand Built Porcelain,   8H x 12W x 12D Olympia's Child, Hand Built Porcelain, 7H x 14L x 9W The Dilemma of Safety, Hand Built Porcelain, 8H x 10L x 9W The Possibility, Slip Cast and Hand Built Porcelain, 7H x 8W x 5D Vitruvian Miss, Hand Built Porcelain, Acrylic Paint on Board,  14H x 14W x 3D Heaven's Children is 15H x 5W x 6D Cut, 5H x 8W x 5D
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2010 Collection

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